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Working with you to discover more fulfillment in your personal and professional goals

What coaching is, and what it is not


  • Creating a safe, confidential, trusting  relationship with you;

  • Discovering and creating clarity on your personal values, goals and areas of focus;

  • Forwarding your action and deepening your learning, to move your life forward;

  • Being your personal cheerleader, even when no one else is, including yourself.




  • Diagnosing and treating past problems;

  • Designing a treatment plan;

  • Healing you;

  • Trained to work with mental health conditions.


Coaching is about you creating the vision you want for your future.  A vision

where you choose what you want with a coach by your side-collaborating and contributing to the collective effort.


Your accountability and action create learning along the journey that continually evolves and manifests potential. This potential is realized through your ability to achieve a more fulfilled life, better balance and attainment of your vision.

Penny Clark, CPCC, CHRP

Penny is inspired by the courageous clients she works with, as they step into their potential through insight, wisdom and growth.


Clients describe Penny as:

  • all-in

  • compassionate

  • focused

  • life changing

  • passionate

  • sensitive

  • whole hearted

  • calm

  • engaging

  • introspective

  • mindful

  • professional

  • thoughtful

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